an his talk。

  ”Everything starts with my “Dark God Book”。。。”

  ”That was a dream I made a few months ago, oh, although this content sounds like nonsense, I swear it is true。 ”

  ” A few months ago, I dreamed of finding an unnumbered material in the SHIELD data room at night。 The information in this document is very confidential。 The above introduction is the key to saving the world。 ‘。。。”

  ”When I woke up the next day, I didn’t know if I was fascinated by ghosts。 I actually went to the SHIELD data room to find this information according to the process of yesterday’s dream。。。”

  ”How do you guess what!” – Fitz, who was here, asked excitedly, his eyes sparkling with excitement。

  Online fund-raising is quite supportive, shrugging: “Do you really find this unnumbered information”

  ”Yes! That’s right! It’s true!” Fitz said excitedly, “I really found this。 There is no numbered information! And its introduction is ‘the key to saving the world’!”

  Hearing here, Hilter asked with a squint: “Wait。。。 If I guess it is correct, this information should be ” “Dark God Book””

  ”Yes! Yes!” Fitz nodded。 “This is too strange, but this information is “Dark God Book”。 I know this story, even if I say it, no one will。 Believe, but it is the “Dark God Book”!!!”

  Fitz said yes, many people at the scene do not believe his description。

  Online fund-raising sneered at his words, and Hill’s sneer continued。

  Equity is not a good thing, the evil spirits knight is a bit of a buy。

  At this time, the stock allocation asked: “So what is Fitz, “Dark God Book” What kind of book

  is it ” “Well。。。 this is its magical place, this is a book without words。 Fitz Road。

  ”No word book” Hill frowned。 “How can a book without a book be called a book Is it at most a notebook or a sketch book”

  Fitz said: “No, “Dark God Book” at first glance is no word。 But when you read it carefully and comprehend it, it will show the handwritin

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