just said。。。”

  Frigga is very well-bred, not Angry because of the evaluation of stock allocation。

  Stocks are a bit awkward, coughing one channel: “Cough, welcome you to the earth。”

  ”Thank you。” Frigid nodded and said to the door, “I know that Rocky is trying to provoke war on the earth, hands There are dozens of people on the list。 His crime is not that my mother said that the elution can be eluted。 I don’t want to be guilty of Loki。。。”

  ”Is it possible for me to meet him See me。 Poor child Even if he is a war criminal now, I want to blame him personally。。。” The

  stock allocation did not directly agree to her, because Ravin Kraft’s visit conditions were very demanding。

  ”This requires a special application, and it is not something I can decide。 Of course, I can go through the process to apply。”

  ”Thank you very much。。。” Frigid nodded。

  The stock fundraising smiled and said: “The two stayed with me this evening I will clean up the room for you。”

  Let Carrie and Skye squeeze a room and give Tol and Frigga。 Separate the rooms separately。

  Unexpectedly, Thor shook his head。 “No need to worry, stock allocation, I and Friga will come over and say hello to you。 We will have to go to London soon。”

  ”Going to London Going to London” Asked。

  ”Looking for Jane。。。” Thor was a little shy。 “Jane she had an accident。。。 Before Hemdahl could always see Jane, from today, he suddenly couldn’t see Jane。。。”

  ”Ah。。。” stock The fund-raising has suddenly come to light。

  It is indeed the plot of “Raytheon 2″。

  The celestial body began to gather, and the nine circles overlapped each other。 Raytheon’s girlfriend Jane Foster entered the intersection of the nine worlds and ran into the space where Odin’s father had hidden the etheric particles。 Even Hemdal could not see it。

  Jane Foster, who entered the restricted area, not only found the etheric particles hidden by Odin’s father Bor, but also a

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