rocket said depressedly: “Damn, I want to be against this earth police。” It’s not a good idea。 If we get caught by jailbreak, the end may be even worse。。。”

  “Before he said that if we cooperate with him, he can let us go。 After all, we have nothing to do with the earth。 Substantial damage。。。”

  ”But if you escape from prison, the crime can be big。”

  Grout asked curiously: “I am Groot (what do we do now)” The

  rocket pointed out that it just fled。 The imprisonment unit came out: “Let’s go, let’s go back to the prison, I hope the Earth Police will not find us jailbreaking。。。”

Chapter 407。406, the Milky Way escort

  found the secret of the Raven Kraft prison。 After that, the rocket and the grid Special spot counsels。

  If the Earth police even dare to arrest the tyrants, then what else is he afraid to do

  The Rockets had a hard time in the heart, and they wanted to make some pranks and disgusting stocks, but after he saw the ebony throat, his tone was suddenly vented。

  He didn’t want to be locked up in this unlucky prison for a year and a half like the ebony throat。 He didn’t want to provoke the horror of the stock fund。 What if the local police were on the spot

  So the stock and the capital have not yet returned, the Rockets and Groot have returned to their imprisonment units, and put all the previously disassembled parts back intact。

  And just after the Rockets just put the tool back into their back molars, the stock back was back。

  There were two unconscious people who came back with him – Kamora and Star Jue, as well as stone people and invisible women who accompanied the stocks to pay for them。

  ”Hey, we have new friends, Groot。。。” The Rockets looked at the incarceration unit and said with a smile。

  Groot pointed to Kamora: “I am。。。 Groot (this woman。。。 I seem to know)!”

  ”Oh, I also see her very familiar, who is she Wait! She seems to be Kamora! The daughter of the tyrant

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