n the original temple in London, and the Masters there were also the best, I can’t figure out why。 Casillas can be occupied there so quickly!”

  The straight fat fat master Wang spit on his side while cleaning his wounds。 He is very worried about the safety of the current magical side of the earth。

  ”Be aware that these three temples form a trinity of protection for the earth。 It is the cornerstone of our mages guarding the earth。 The three temples were destroyed, then the earth will be completely exposed under the enemy’s claws。”

  ”I know, Wang, I know everything you said。” The stock fundraising nodded toward the king, comforting, ” There is no need to worry too much。 Everything is under our control。”

  Stranch also echoed: “Yes, Wang, you have to believe that Casillas is the one that is currently passive。

  ” But the three temples have already fallen into two temples!” Wang said depressedly。 “And you actually let the mages who are stationed in the temple evacuate in advance! Why do you do this Isn’t this the arch of the temple to the enemy Please we all vowed to use every Master lives to defend the temple! ” ”

  King, first get excited。 ”

  stock with capital smiled and explained,

  ” I believe you are a smart man, you do not Start their own brains, careful guess, why should we give up the Master who guard the temple it ” ”

  Because you know they are not Casillas opponent “Wang also did not calm down, he was a bit impulsive speculation One answer, “Domam is said to have given Casillas some strength。 Now Casillas is indeed much stronger than before。。。 Maybe because you think we can’t beat Casillas, this will let the mages Evacuation” The

  stock allocation is not in a hurry to deny, but instead asks: “Wang, Casillas is indeed stronger than before。 He may be better than those who are stationed in the mage。 But compared with me You think he How does the strength compare with me”

  Of course , Wang knows the fighting power of

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