”Wow! A monster like you, swallow a monster” Eddie asked again。

  The venom is a bit uncomfortable: “Hey! Eddie, you should reflect on the attitude of talking to your savior。” The

  stock fundraising is no stranger to this story, which is basically consistent with the story of the movie “Poison: Deadly Guardian”。 Then the leader of this symbiosis “riot” will merge with Drake and release the rocket to space to pick up other symbiosis。。。

  But Eddie has been a bit overwhelmed, forcing a half face from the venom Loudly on the stock capital: “Stock capital! Stock capital! These alien symbiosis want to occupy the earth!”

  The stock funds nodded solemnly: “It looks like this。”

  Then asked the venom: “Is this the case”

  ”Oh。。。 it looks like this。” The venom itself admitted, “Our The leader riot is an ambitious guy, his control is very strong, if he is brought to the earth with other symbiosis, then he will definitely find ways to rule here。”

  After the end, the venom weak request: “Yes If you ask about the riots in the future, don’t say that I am betraying him。。。 He hates the traitors most, he will kill me。”

  ”Reassured, I will not tell him。” Stock Funding Promise。

  Eddie once again found half of his face from the venom: “The stock is funded, we have to do something, we have to stop him! We can’t watch the earth being occupied by this symbiosis!”

  Then he shouted loudly to the venom Road: “There are you! Venom, you guy who is trying to invade our planet, you get out of me!” The

  venom grievances said: “Rely! You can say that it hurts too much! I want to invade the earth。 The riots are the leaders of our symbiosis, not me What is the relationship with me I am a good person, I am very good at the original planet! I will never ponder the evil things like aggression on other planets!”

  ”What Eddie was said, “I don’t want to help your kind to occupy the earth”

  ”Of course。” Venom, “I don’t like to take away other

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