fast silver is contacted, the stocks are also very well funded。 It is difficult to determine whether Fast Silver will cooperate with them sincerely。

  Unless the stock allocation can pass through the appearance, look through the inner world of fast silver。

  At the thought of this, two suitable candidates emerged in his mind。

  One is Carrie and the other is Professor X Xavier。

  Considering that Carrie is still in class, Charles is bored waiting for the super-energy school to start school, and the stock allocation immediately made a choice。

  ”I will give you a helper to come over。 I think if there is this helper, it will be very helpful for our current situation。” The stock allocation said with a smile。

  ”Hey Who are you going to invite”

  Although there are countless people who know the stocks, but Nick Fury still wants to ask in advance。

  The stock fundraising smiled and said: “It’s a student of mine。”


  After half an hour, a handsome, long-haired boy pushed the door and walked in。

  ”Excuse me。。。 Is the stock funded principal here”

  Unlike Eric’s young and mature, Charles is a little bit young at the moment, and his book is full of anger。

  ”Charles, here。” The

  stock allocation waved to Charles and laughed and said hello。

  Then I introduced Eric: “Eric, his name is Charles, he is also a mutant, it is your compatriot。”

  ”I know。” Eric responded in a cold and cold manner, “Interview I saw him that day。 He seemed to be coming with a。。。 beautiful girl。”

  “Hey, that’s my cousin, Ruiwen。” Charles heard the introduction of the stock allocation and took the lead with Erie。 Ke shook hands。 “Hello, my name is Charles。 Charles Xavier。”

  ”Eric, Lanchel。” Eric nodded。 “We will be classmates in the future。”

  ”Yes, we will be in the future 。” It’s the classmates, please take care of them,” Charles said politely。

  Hilter looked at the two young talents with his h

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